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Samhain Halloween Ritual Instructions

Excerpt from Brighid My Book of Shadows. ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8

The weel of the year also called witches sabbate are 8 evenly distributed stations in the cycle that the sun traverses in one year. They are divided into four sun festivals (Solstice Sabbath) and four moon ritual festival (Moon Esbat). The sun ritual festival is celebrated at the striking turning points of the sun, like day and night and solstice. The Mond Ritual festival lie exactly in between. So it turns out that every 6 1/2 weeks a weel of the year ritual festival takes place. We start the cycle to the Yule Ritual festival on December 21st, the day of winter solstice, because here the recurring light is celebrated. With the birth of the sun, nature's pregnancy begins and that is the beginning of all life. This results in the subsequent order. Samhain, Julfest, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasad, Mabon.

Moon ritual festival Samhain October 31 to November 1 (Dead Ritual Festival) Beginning of the winter half-year and New Year of the witches, Celts always celebrated the three ghost nights on the 11th of the calendar year. In Wales the "Fest Nos Calan gaeaf" (early winter night) was called and was one of the "teir nos ysprydnos" ("the three ghost nights"). On this special night, the gates to the Otherworld are wide open, communication with the ancestors is possible. To celebrate your Samhain ritual at home, you can use the Samhain candle from Magic of Brigid use together with the Magic of Brigid Samhain oil. end of the year Celtic New Year Ritual Festival Threshold between the visible and invisible world Time of the ghosts and demons, from this developed Halloween Beginning of winter, the dark time Festival of Remembrance Turn from external activity to internal growth Burning all the worries and problems of the past year Night of the Oracle Getting rid of weaknesses and things Memory of deceased Nature's death month So at the end of all life there is death, but it is the beginning of a new life and the cycle starts all over again. By celebrating the weel of the year, people this eternal becoming and passing away brought closer. We are part of this cycle because we are part of nature. This understanding is most people lost in the age of technology. Sources link:

Samhain Greetings and Information

Interesting facts from the old days Samhain literally means end of summer and was thus the beginning of winter, the dark time, and also the new year. The dark powers rule from today to Imbolc on February 1st. Since it was not possible for the ancient peoples to feed all the cattle through the winter it was customary to slaughter a large part of the herd at Samhain and pickle the meat. The geese were also slaughtered, since you would have eaten only the valuable supplies over the winter, that were just enough for people. Therefore, the custom remains until today, that the so-called Martin goose is eaten at St. Martin (11.11.). Food for the deceased was set up and a light was put in every window to guide and feed the dead on their journey to the light. In later times, hollowed-out pumpkins were made faces with faces, in which a candle was placed, in front of the door, to keep evil spirits away. Samhain was so rooted in the old belief that the Christian Church had no other choice, than to incorporate this festival into their religion and is still held today as All Souls and All Saints. An old saying means: Put your clothes upside down then the witches don't go to you. In fact, it's supposed to mean that you turn your inside out, so that the old gives way and new things emerge.

Now the center of the intended circle an altar with a view to the east, because the sun and the moon rise there. Some also insist on choosing the north for the altar, because this direction of heaven stands for the earth on which we live and symbolizes power and strength. I personally prefer the East at Weel of the year ritual festivals, since the sun and moon are ritual festivals. On the altar we place a container with salt for the element earth. The incense burner with incense or incense for the element air. Our altar candle represents the element of fire. And the goblet with water, how else should it be for the water element. Now all elements are represented on the altar. This is important so that the elements if they are called into the circle, they have a place of residence, so to speak. The feasts that are enjoyed together at the celebration after the ritual you also place on or if there is not enough space, next to the altar.

Food Samhain: Apples, nuts, pumpkin, root vegetables, potatoes, goose Altar decoration: apples, nuts, yew, cypress The stone that fits that night would be the black tourmaline, because it protects against all negative entities.

cleaning We now form a circle. The head of the ritual approaches the altar and centers itself. Then she / he takes the cup filled with water in the right hand with the words: Bless you spirit of water. Then he / she takes the salt container in his left hand with the words: Blessed be you spirit of the earth. Both arms are now raised to the sky to allow power to flow in. The following is spoken: Water and salt cleans our body and soul, frees us from all harmful things, give us your healing powers through the Force of the great spirit. So be it! Now the salt and water are put back on the altar. Then the ritual becomes a dagger in the right hand, in the left hand in the left hand and spoken: blessed be. Three pinches of salt are sprinkled into the water. With the dagger you then stir clockwise and say: May this dagger be cleaned May these vessels be cleaned May this altar be cleaned! Then you blow up a few drops with the dagger over the altar with the words: In the name of mother earth and the great spirit, so be it! The chalice is now passed clockwise from left to right and everyone takes a sip. In times of virus pandemics everyone uses their own goblet or drinking horn. Then each participant with an appropriate incense ritual, Cleaning frankincense or simple olibanum Smoked from the feet to the top of the head.

Actions Every participant in the ritual can think of something for himself or should die around him, that is, what he wants to finish, finish. Things, people, habits, conditions that are not good for him, are written on a piece of paper and burned in sequence in the fire. Since it is the night of the oracle, you can also do any kind of divination.

Protection circle: Now that they're cleaned, you can draw a protective circle. This is done with the dagger ritual within the room they are in. From the east you go clockwise, so east, south, west, north, and you close the circle by ending in the east again. Start in the east: Guardian of the East, spirit of the air, that lets us breathe we ask you in this circle, give us your protection. So be it! And to the south: Guardian of the south, spirit of fire, that gives us light and warmth, we ask you in this circle, give us your protection. So be it! Now it goes to the west: Guardian of the West, Spirit of the Water, that soaks and purifies us we ask you in this circle, give us your protection. So be it! Finally to the north: Guardian of the North, Spirit of the Earth, that feeds us we ask you in this circle, give us your protection. So be it! The circle is now closed due to the walk to the east. In conclusion, the following is said: All you beings that you have now come protects us from all negative entities and energies. Banish all evil spirits from this circle, so that we can open ourselves to the good. So be it!

Opening the protection circuit: After the ritual part is over, the protection circuit is opened again. The one who drew the protection circle now dissolve it again. This is done again with the dagger ritual, but this time counterclockwise starting in the east with the words: Guardian of the east, spirit of the air, we thank you that you came to this ritual and have given us your protection. Further north: Guardian of the north, spirit of the earth, we thank you that you came to this ritual and have given us your protection. Further to the west: Guardian of the West, Spirit of the Water, thank you that you came to this ritual and have given us your protection. Further south: Guardian of the south, spirit of fire, we thank you that you came to this ritual and have given us your protection. Ending again in the east: All you being you through the energy of this ritual was attracted goodbye and go back there where you came from So be it! So let us go according to old custom cheerfully celebrate this festival. Now the cozy part begins with eating, Drink, music and dance.

Samhain Witch Sabbath October 31st to November 1st Dead memory Halloween Link:

Texts are copyright at Brighid by Magic of Brighid Item No .: 11014 My book of shadows exclusive edition. Personal book of the shadows by Brighid as an exclusive edition. With many instructions for various rituals and valuable advice on herbs, oils, incense and stones. Nur in deutsch erhältlich. Available only in German language. Disponible uniquement en langue allemande. Disponibile solo in lingua tedesca. Die Herstellung der Neuausgabe ist fertig im Mittelalter Antik Design Gedruckt mit neuem Hardcover Einband Book of Shadow Antik von Brighid. Book of Shadow, Grimoire. ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8 Shop Link:

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