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Springtime coming Ostara Witches Ritual

Ostara witches Ritual March 21 spring day equinox

Ostara March 21 (Spring equinox)

-The end of winter, the time of death-

-Arrival of spring-

-The reviving life, the birth of nature-

-Increase in light due to the return of the sun-

Start of the active phase in humans and nature

-Day and night are equally long-

-Return of the young god Baldur-

- Resurrection of the Goettin Ostara

from the underworld to the earthly world

-Colorful Easter eggs are still a symbol of fertility today

and the colors of nature Link:

Springtime coming, Fruehling kommt, Fun Animation Video

Springtime coming Fruehling kommt Fun Animation Youtube Link:

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Ostara Ritual Ostara Ritualkerzen Video Link:

Magique bougies colorées gros, Bougie d'amour Lien:

Candele colorate magiche all'ingrosso, candele per incantesimi d'amore Link:

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Kerzenzauber Grosshandel, Liebeszauber Set Grosshandel Link:

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Smartphone Esoterik AMP Seite Test Link:

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Google Play Store

Anderswelt Magic of Brighid Free App Link:

Esoterikhändler Liste, Liste des distributeurs ésotériques, 

Esoteric distributors list, Elenco distributori esoterici. Link:

Hexennachrichten, Nouvelles des sorcières, 

Witches news, Notizie sulle streghe. Link:

Hexenwandern Ritualplätze, Les sorcières voyagent dans des lieux rituels, 

Witches travel ritual places, Le streghe viaggiano in luoghi rituali. Link:

 Voodoo Oele Kerzen Kuba, Bougies à l'huile vaudou Cuba, 

Voodoo oil candles Cuba, Candele ad olio voodoo Cuba. Link:

Pinterest Hexenfeste Sabbat de Sorciere Witchcraft Link:

IT-Oshun Erzulie Voodoo Loa Veve amuleto dell’incantesimo d’amore Link:

FR-Oshun Erzulie Voodoo Loa Veve amulette de sort d’amour Lien:

EN-Oshun Erzulie Voodoo Loa Veve love spell amulet Link:

DE-Oshun Erzulie Voodoo Loa Veve Liebeszauber Amulett Link:



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